Elder Scrolls 6 calls for better combat, story

The expectations for Elder Scrolls 6 are huge. Fans dream of a world that is not only huge in size, but also deep in its storytelling and intense in its battles. Bethesda has the opportunity to define the next generation

Niklas Kvist 3 Min Read

Exploring 9 amazing animals in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you ready for a magical adventure among wizards, witches and mystical creatures? "Hogwarts Legacy" is not only a tribute to the Harry Potter universe but also a unique opportunity to explore a world filled with amazing animals. Join us

Niklas Kvist 3 Min Read

Valve Wants to Help Microsoft with PC Game Pass

In a world where online gaming sites and subscription services are growing ever stronger, the news that Valve wants to help Microsoft with PC Game Pass has the gaming industry buzzing. This collaboration could potentially change the way games are

Niklas Kvist 2 Min Read

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Diablo Immortal to be released soon on PC

Finally, the wait is almost over for all Diablo fans. Blizzard Entertainment

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WoW Burning Crusade leaks ahead of BlizzCon

With BlizzCon around the corner, excitement is growing in the gaming world,

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Sony Still Negotiating PS VR2 Technology

Sony, a pioneer in entertainment technology, is currently in intense negotiations on

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