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Bugsnax arrives on Xbox Game Pass and Switch

For all the gaming enthusiasts out there, the exciting adventure Bugsnax is now heading to new horizons! With its unique

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Brothers: Two Sons free next week

Do you love dramas with strong family ties and exciting twists and turns? Then we have good news for you!

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Make Fisher Price toy into Xbox control

Transforming a Fisher Price toy into a working Xbox controller may at first glance seem like an exercise in nostalgia

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Gran Turismo 7 Breaks Records at Launch

Gran Turismo 7 has undoubtedly become the talk of the town among racing fans and gamers around the world. At

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Review: Best Star Wars game ever

For fans of the Star Wars universe, the range of video games is wide and varied, spanning many genres and

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist