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Sonic Frontiers officially announced for the 2024 holidays

After much speculation and intense anticipation, Sega has finally confirmed the latest development in the Sonic franchise: "Sonic Frontiers" has

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Elder Scrolls 6 calls for better combat, story

The expectations for Elder Scrolls 6 are huge. Fans dream of a world that is not only huge in size,

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Exploring 9 amazing animals in Hogwarts Legacy

Are you ready for a magical adventure among wizards, witches and mystical creatures? "Hogwarts Legacy" is not only a tribute

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Choose the Owlin Breed in DnD 5e: Strixhaven News

Exploring the magical worlds of Dungeons & Dragons (DnD) 5e is a fascinating journey that keeps getting richer with each

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Sony Still Negotiating PS VR2 Technology

Sony, a pioneer in entertainment technology, is currently in intense negotiations on the long-awaited technology behind PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2).

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Valve Wants to Help Microsoft with PC Game Pass

In a world where online gaming sites and subscription services are growing ever stronger, the news that Valve wants to

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist

Pacer: Wip3out Successor Launched in September

For all racing and video game enthusiasts, an exciting novelty will fill the air this fall. Considered the spiritual heir

Niklas Kvist Niklas Kvist